Monday, April 14, 2014

Disney Frozen Birthday Party

With the Frozen frenzy going on, it was inevitable that my daughter wanted a Frozen birthday party. We like to throw a big party every other year and this year was her small family get together year, but we ended up inviting a few friends of hers to join in. I needed to keep the cost down so we kept it as simple and cost efficient as possible.


We threw her party at a nearby park and got some basic decorations to add to the theme. Everything was sold out but we managed to find a few decorations anyway. We already had the figurines to put on the cake. I added the plastic crystals that goes in vases to add the illusion of ice around the table.


I made a simple, round chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. To make it a little more "Frozen", I added white sparkling sugar sprinkles and the characters from the movie.

Party Favors

I wanted simple and affordable party favors. I found this snowman box kit from JoAnn's that was half off. My kids love making stuff, especially with foam, so it was perfect.

I then downloaded a photo of Olaf from the movie and added "Do you want to build a snowman?" to the photo. On the bottom, I wrote, "Thanks for coming to my party. Love, Aurora".

I also handed out plastic Frozen rings and sparkly blue Queen Elsa headbands that I found in the JoAnn's $1 bin. The girls loved these!


We only played one game. It was a "dry" snowball fight. Take white paper towels. Roll into balls and fold together with a rubber band. Ours weren't that round, but you can make them more ball shaped. Divide the group into two halves, with a line between them. Place half the snowballs on each side and give them 2-5 minutes to get as many snowballs on the other side of the line. Count up to see who had less snowballs on their side.

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