Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obi Wan Kenobi Costume Sewing Tutorial

This will be my first of probably many Star Wars themed posts. Last year for Halloween, my son wanted to be Obi Wan Kenobi. I'm a huge fan of Obi Wan so I was very excited to sew this costume.

For the top, I used McCalls pattern 6184. There are two pieces to Obi Wan's top. The long sleeve karate top worked for the inner shirt and the karate outfit without the sleeves was perfect for his over shirt. I used gauze for the fabric to stay accurate to the movie. Even though it looked great at first, after a year of wear, there are several holes and it is really stretched out. I would probably still use gauze, but for those who might like a stronger fabric, you would use another natural cotton fabric or linen.

I made the costumes as stated in the directions. The gauze was also hard to sew because it does have stretch in it, so pin a lot!

For the cape, I used Simplicity pattern 5512, cape A. The fabric was a dark brown linen. It held up beautifully. I love sewing with linen. It is easy to sew, looks great and is long lasting. It is costly so I always buy with a coupon or on sale.

For the under belt, I used extra gauze fabric and added velcro. It was about 4" wide once completed. The outer belt was made out of a dark brown synthetic material I had used for another costume. It was about 2.5" wide. To make each belt, I put right sides together and sewed along both longs sides. I turned it inside out using a safety pin, ironed it flat and sewed along all four sides near the edge.  On the short sides, make sure you fold the edges inside so no raw edges are showing. The velco was strong and it held up his lightsaber without any problem.

We already had light brown pants and dark brown boots that matched the costume perfectly. We drew on the beard and he was all done. He lived in this Obi Wan costume for such a long time! It was a huge hit!

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