Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lego Birthday Party

For Aedan's 6th birthday, he wanted a Lego party. Originally, I was going to have 5-6 of his friends over to build Legos and keep it super casual. Our condo isn't huge, so we thought this could get a little crazy. So, once again, we took the party to a local park. His birthday is in November so I always get a little nervous about the weather, but it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Even though Aedan primarily loves Star Wars and Ninjago Legos right now, I decided to just keep the theme focused on the primary Lego colors: blue, red, green and yellow. It was also very difficult to find plates and other decorations to match Star Wars Legos. There were a lot of City Lego party stuff but we haven't gotten into those. I also wanted to keep it affordable since we weren't supposed to have a big party. I bought green table clothes, blue cookie napkins, red large napkins and yellow plates.

I found this printable Lego banner for free that said "Happy Birthday". I printed it on card stock and taped string to the back to keep it together. I also had my son pick different lego figures to put around the party.


Aedan isn't a big fan of cake and requested cookies for his birthday dessert. I made three types of cookies to make it a little more special: chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip and outrageous chocolate. My husband built a lego radar tower for the candles to go with the racing theme. Aedan thought this was super cool and picked out a storm trooper to stand on the tower and also hold a candle.


If possible, I like to incorporate the favor into the party. This was fun and easy for legos. We ended up with 16 kids attending the party, so I bought lego pieces to build race cars. I purchased two of these Lego wheel kids and one box of 200 or so Legos to use for adding the car walls. For the bags, I downloaded a free Lego font to make the labels. I also used the font for other signs at the party. Since the Legos can easy roll off the table, I had these yellow plates for each kid to dump their Legos out and build. We drew a different Lego face on each plate and the kids loved picking which face they wanted.

Most kids were 5-6 years old and this project was a little difficult for them. I made sure there were enough pieces for each set to make a car. It was a little tricky for the kids to figure out and the adults had to help most of the kids. They still had a fun time but this might be better for older kids.

*I also did the a Lego sign that read "6" that is hanging from the tree but didn't take a close up. You'll see it on the tree in the background.


Guess How Many Legos

This was an easy game to put together. I used a glass jar that I already had and made a similar label to the ones I used for the bags. I filled it up and put papers and a pencil for the kids to fill out their guess. The Lego structure to the right has an opening at the top where they dropped their guesses. I was surprised that two kids came within 10 Legos of the correct number!

Lego Car Races

Now for the highlight of the party! We took a large plastic table to make our race track. My husband took this task seriously and got very creative with the tape. The edge even has a 1-2" barrier so the cars wouldn't roll off. We put one leg up and folded the other under to keep it put.

After the kids built their Lego race cars, they paired off to race them down the track. This was definitely a hit. It created some healthy competition, a little frustration but mostly a lot of fun. They were yelling and cheering and so excited for their turn. There were some big crashes and the kids had to rebuild their cars but it was pretty easy to grab the pieces.

Lego Scavenger Hunt

I brought a container full of Duplo Legos with a picnic blanket for all the toddler guests to have something fun to do. For the scavenger hunt, I took 100 Duplo Legos and hid them around the trees, just like an Easter egg hunt. The kids loved it. They went racing around to find the Legos and the kid with the most won a prize.

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